From coffee dates to date nights, here are Canada’s best date ideas

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One of the most exciting parts of online dating is when you meet someone who gives you the right kind of butterflies. Of course, this can also be one of the more nerve-wracking parts of dating; after all, you’re going to want to meet them in person to see if this spark is real – and that means coming up with some great date ideas.

Happily, EliteSingles is here to help. Over the years, we’ve written many articles about dating in Canada, which means we’ve collected up many of Canada’s best date ideas – and now you can find them all in one place.

Want a truly great date? All you have to do is summon the courage to ask someone out and then take your pick from our list below. From casual coffee dates to romantic date nights, we’ve got date ideas to suit all tastes:

First date ideas

Is there anything as exciting, scary, and promising as a first date? It’s a time when it’s tempting to go all out with date ideas but, happily, there’s no need. In fact, keeping it casual might be the key to success: in one of our member surveys, 83% of singles said their idea of the ideal first date is meeting for a coffee.1 Falling in love over lattes is the way forward!

Second date ideas

Once the wariness of the first date is out of the way, it’s time to line up that second date. While there is some debate about who should ask for a second date, the main consensus seems to be that, now you’ve got to know each other a little, this is a chance to get a little more creative – and certainly more romantic! And that means choosing your date ideas wisely:

Date night ideas

If you’re ready to dial up the romance, then you need some fantastic date night ideas. The key to a really good date night is the food – whether you’re out in a romantic restaurant or cooking up a storm at home, set the mood with something tasty, sensual, and decadent. If you get stuck for ideas, opt for something Italian: our members say it’s their top date night cuisine.2

Date ideas in Canada

Canada is home to some of the world’s most amazing cities, and that means it’s also home to some truly fantastic date ideas. At EliteSingles we’re big fans of local dating in Canada – we think that dating in your city is a great way to bond; while travelling to a nearby city for the day (or even for a weekend mini-break) can make for a truly memorable dating experience.

Date ideas in Ontario:

Ontario is a province with date ideas for every taste: adventurous couples can head to the likes of London to explore the surrounding forests, water-lovers can find no end of lakes to fall in love with (the Bruce Peninsula is particularly amazing) and the province is full of charming small towns and romantic cottages that make the perfect bolt-hole for a weekend away. And, of course, those who love vibrant dates have two of the country’s biggest cities to explore.

Our Ontario highlights:

Date ideas in Quebec:

If your perfect date location involves a city in Europe, then Quebec is as close as you can get while remaining in Canada. In Montreal and Quebec City in particular, date ideas include taking architecture walks to soak in the timeless, European feel of the old town buildings, while the entire province can offer up some of that classic date night addition: French cuisine.

Our Quebec highlights:

Date ideas in British Columbia:

As one of Canada’s more temperate provinces, it’s no wonder that so many of the best B.C. date ideas involve the beauty of the outdoors. Whether it’s heading into The Okanagan for a countryside break, (complete with wine tasting of course), or cruising and whale watching off of Vancouver Island, you’re spoiled for choice. City fans can get their fix too – Metro Vancouver is home to some of the country’s best restaurants and cafes.

Our B.C. highlights:

Date ideas in Alberta:

It would be tempting to assume that most date ideas in the prairie provinces involve some combination of open skies, waving grasses, and cowboys – and while these can be fun (Calgary Stampede anyone?) – they aren’t the only game in town. Alberta is home to some true natural beauty, and a date on Lake Louise of in Banff is as pretty as it gets. Then there’s Alberta’s cosmopolitan cool: both Calgary and Edmonton provide perfect dating backdrops.

Our Alberta highlights:

Date ideas in Manitoba:

With 110,000+ plus lakes, date ideas in Manitoba often involve water. Whether it’s relaxing at the edge of a lake in the summer or skating in the winter, this is an ideal place to date if you love being outdoors. Nature lovers are at home here too – heading to Churchill (aka the Polar Bear Capital) is a great date for keen animal fans and thrill seekers alike!

Our Manitoba highlights:

Finding the perfect date idea in Canada is one part of the dating puzzle sorted. But first you have to meet someone fantastic. If you’re ready to put one of our fun date ideas to the test, then register with us today and let us help find you someone great to date.

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1 EliteSingles surveys where meeting for coffee has been chosen as the ideal first date include our First Date study (2013), our Dating Dealbreakers study (2016) and our Coffee Day study (2016). This statistic if from the latter,

2 EliteSingles Date Night Dinner study (2015)

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