Ten first date questions to help make a better connection

Have you got a big date lined up? Have you thought about what you’re going to say? Don’t clam up - read these ten top first date questions from EliteSingles

Who should ask for the second date?

An EliteSingles survey reveals which gender is the most confident when it comes to dating - and whose responsibility it is to ask for that second date!

First date advice: the 10 no-nos costing you a second date

Most Canadians on the dating scene are aware of the typical 'dating commandments' - be on time, groom yourself, don't be rude - but did you know that they aren't the only first date deal-breakers? EliteSingles' latest study of 1,000 Canadian singles revealed the 10 missteps that you didn't know could cost you a second date.

Emotional intelligence: creating healthy relationships

Healthy relationships don't just happen, they require communication, emotional intelligence and understanding. Click here to read advice from our in-house psychologist Salama Marine on how to build a great relationship.

Breaking up is hard to do: how to gracefully get a fresh start

It's never easy to end a relationship - perhaps that's why a recent EliteSingles survey revealed that 41 per cent of Canadian singles regret a past break up! Find out more survey results here and learn why January's the best time of year to start moving on.

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The Calgary CTrain Date Map: 45 great Calgary date ideas

Looking for new Calgary date ideas? Then it's time to try our CTrain date map! With one date idea for every stop on the CTrain, it's now easier than ever to find a fanatastic date in your part of town.

9 genuinely good second date ideas

So you've got the nerve-wracking first date out of the way, and now it's time for the exciting second date! Stumped for what to do? We're here to help with our list of genuinely good second date ideas - we've picked nine of them to help get your next date off to a flying start.

How to ask someone out: offline, online and in every scenario

Asking someone out can be nerve-racking but it doesn’t need to be. EliteSingles psychologist and relationship expert Salama Marine gives advice on how to ask someone out.