Striking a chord: the secrets to dating for music lovers

How important is musical taste when it comes to dating? We asked music lovers exactly that in our most recent survey!

How to get over your ex: 3 tips for moving on

In this exclusive guest post, relationship coach Rachel Russo tells us why being emotionally available is the key to successful (online) dating.

Hey baby: Canada’s favourite terms of endearment

Are you Babe, Honey or Sweetheart? You've got one of Canada's favourite pet names! Our new survey has uncovered the most loved - and most hated - terms of endearment in the country: discover if your ideal cute nickname made the cut.

68 Montreal date ideas: a date for every STM station in the city!

Montreal is an amazing city to date in: and now EliteSingles has made it even more fun! We've created an STM date map, with a great date idea for every one of Montreal's 68 subway stations. Ready for new date inspiration? Start here!

Building trust in a relationship: 5 steps to a stronger bond

Trust is an essential part of any love story - but just how do you build trust in a relationship? EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine told us the five steps that can strengthen your partnership.

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8 creative date ideas (that'll win you another date)

Bored of meeting for dinner and drinks? Sick of getting to know each other ovber coffee? Want to spice up your dating life? These 8 creative date ideas will do just that!

Introducing our EliteSingles psychologist, Salama Marine

At EliteSingles we are proud to provide the latest dating insights and relationship advice. A big part of that is our EliteSingles psychologist, Salama Marine - find out more about her methods here (and learn some great tips for acing online dating!)

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