68 Montreal date ideas: a great date for every STM station in the city!

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Montreal is a beautiful city in which to be in love. Not only is the city itself simpy gorgeous, it is packed with top date ideas: from fantastic restos to inviting terrasses to lively bars. In fact, the only problem is settling on just one idea out of many great ones! Happily, EliteSingles is ready to help you narrow it down.

We’ve made a map based around the STM subway stations – with one amazing date idea for each stop (yes, all 68 of them!). From old favourites to new hangouts, now you’ll never be more than a short train ride away from a truly great date in Montreal.

What to do in Montreal: date ideas near the STM subway

When we made our STM map, we tried to follow a certain set of rules. The first was that all date ideas must be within walking distance. Thus, from Laval to Longueuil and everywhere in between, all our date ideas are a maximum of 15 mins from their relevant stations.

The second rule was that all the date suggestions must be for genuinely enjoyable destinations. To help us decide what makes a ‘good date’, we went for sheer popularity. At the time of publication, every Montreal date idea in our map scored an average of 4 stars or higher when its rankings on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google Maps were averaged. (OK, so we had go with a 3.8/3.9 for certain stops at the end of each line!).

Third, we wanted our selections to appeal to a lot of dating styles – which calls for diversity. Rather than just picking bars, or fun date ideas, we opted for a range of ideas to suit all tastes and budgets. (we’ve even colour coded our map to make it clear!) Now all you have to do is click the map to find a great date idea in your part of Montreal –or keep reading to find out what makes each place a winner.

Please note, this list is up to date as of October 2018

We’ve also made a street map that pinpoints each idea scroll to the end of the article to find it, or click here to open it!

Montreal STM date ideas map by EliteSingles March 2019

Orange Line

  • Cote-Vertu: Elounda (4.2). Good for: Greek cuisine, fresh grilled seafood
  • Du Collège: Parc Beaudet (4.5). Good for: Picnics, wildlife spotting
  • De la Savane: Rib ‘N Reef Steakhouse* (4). Good for: Steak dinners, fresh seafood
  • Namur: Kodimoto Sushi (4.7). Good for: Specialty sushi, taro fries
  • Plamondon: Thanjai Restaurant (4.2). Good for: Indian cuisine, warm ambience
  • Cote-Sainte-Catherine: Segal Centre (4.8). Good for: Yiddish theatre, indie cinema
  • Snowdon: Snowdon Deli (4.6). Good for: New York deli sandwiches, kosher treats
  • Villa-Maria: Sushi Yakimono (4.1). Good for: Japanese elegance, interesting sushi
  • Vendôme: Pick Thai (4.4). Good for: Pad Thai, exotic elegance
  • Place-Saint-Henri: Lachine Canal (5). Good for: Charming walks/cycling, canal views
  • Lionel-Groulx: Joe Beef (4.4). Good for: Romantic terrasse, fine meat and seafood
  • Georges-Vanier: Chez Sophie (4.5). Good for: patio dining, Mediterranean cuisine
  • Lucien-l’Allier: Da Vinci (4.1). Good for: Homemade gnocchi, Italian elegance
  • Bonaventure: Le Bureau Bar Tapas (4). Good for: Sharing plates, cocktails
  • Square-Victoria-Oaci: Accords*(4.1). Good for: Locally sourced dishes, food/wine matching
  • Place d’Armes: Maison Christian Faure (4.5). Good for: Sweet treats, wonderful pastries
  • Champ-de-Mars: Robin Square (4.6). Good for: Cozy intimacy, elegant comfort food
  • Berri-Uqam: Theatre Sainte Catherine* (4.4). Good for: Stand-up comedy, performing arts
  • Sherbrooke: Saint Sushi Bar (4.5). Good for: Gourmet sushi, tasting menu
  • Mont-Royal: Bar Plan-B (4.3). Good for: terrace drinks, clever cocktails
  • Saint-Laurier: Fous Desserts (4.5). Good for: Divine pastries, artesian chocolates
  • Rosemont: Restaurant Gus (4.5). Good for: French food with-a-twist, relaxed romance
  • Beaubien: Senthé (4.8). Good for: Exotic teas, relaxing dates
  • Jean-Talon: Le Pourvoyeur (3.8) Good for: Weekend brunch, terrasse relaxation
  • Jarry: Café Oui Mais Non (4.6). Good for: Quirky coffees, first dates
  • Crémazie: Le Coq Rico (4.2). Good for: Portuguese cuisine, terrasse dining
  • Sauvé: Martini Pizzeria (4.1). Good for: Authentic pizza, casual Italian charm
  • Henri-Bourassa: Cafe Le Petit Flore (4.5). Good for: Light French fare, good wine selection
  • Cartier: Parc Ahuntsic (4.5). Good for: Outdoor dates, winter skating
  • De La Concorde: Boulangerie Patisserie La Concorde (4). Good for: Baked treats, pastries
  • Montmorency: Maison des Arts de Laval (4.5). Good for: Live perfomances, comedy, music

Blue Line

  • Snowdon: Snowdon Deli (4.6). Good for: New York deli sandwiches, kosher treats
  • Cote-des-Neiges: St Joseph’s Oratory of Mt Royal (4.6) Arty dates, stunning gardens
  • Université de Montréal: Restaurant Ermitage (4.7). Good for: Russian cuisine, elegance
  • Edouard Montpetit: Parc Pratt (4.5). Good for: Picnics, urban tranquility
  • Outremont: Theatre Rialto* (4.8). Good for: Vintage glamour, live music
  • Acadie: Bombay Mahal (4). Good for: Indian specialties, BYOB
  • Parc: Dispatch Coffee (4.6). Good for: Peaceful terrasse, on-site roasted coffee
  • De Castelnau: Parc Jarry (4.5). Good for: skating, outdoor relaxation
  • Jean-Talon: Le Pourvoyeur (3.8) Good for: Weekend brunch, terrasse relaxation
  • Fabre: Chez Chose (4.5). Good for: Tapas sharing, chef’s table
  • D’iberville: Cinema Beaubien (4.6). Good for: Independent films, art deco elegance
  • Saint Michel: Parc François-Perreault (4.3). Good for: Summer swimming, winter sports

Green Line

  • Angrignon: Parc Angrignon (4.2). Good for: Beautiful park walks, barbeques
  • Monk: Théâtre Paradoxe* (4.3). Good for: Dinner theatre, live music
  • Verdun: Maison de Rhé Cha Noir (4.6). Good for: Cosy atmosphere, tasty teas
  • De l’église: Station W (4.6). Good for: Divine coffee, terrasse ambience
  • LaSalle: BENELUX @rueWellington (4.3). Good for: carft beer, beer/chocolate tastings
  • Charlevoix: Restaurant Machiavelli (4). Good for: Summer terrasse, cozy intimacy
  • Lionel-Groulx: Joe Beef (4.4). Good for: Romantic terrasse, fine meat and seafood
  • Atwater: Imadake (4.1). Good for: Japanese isakaya, tapas plates
  • Guy-Concordia: Parc du Mont-Royal (4.5). Good for: Beautiful views, outdoor ambience
  • Peel: Hurley’s Irish Pub (4.1). Good for: Relaxed dates, live music
  • McGill: Salon de thé Chai Tea Lounge (4.5). Good for: Macarons, large tea selection
  • Place-des-Arts: Place des Arts (4.5). Good for: Live music, live comedy
  • Saint-Laurent: Bouillon Bilk* (4.6). Good for: Beautiful French meals, minimalist chic
  • Berri-Uqam: Theatre Sainte Catherine* (4.4). Good for: Stand-up comedy, performing arts
  • Beaudry: Comptoir Lyonnais (4.3). Good for: Old-world charm, French cuisine
  • Papineau: Les Coudes Sur la Table (4.6). Good for: French romance, candlelit ambience
  • Frontenac: Café Touski (4.1). Good for: Tasty brunch, large garden
  • Préfontaine: Labarake (3.8). Good for: Craft cocktails, outdoor dining
  • Joliette: Château Dufresne (4.1). Good for: Montreal history, pretty architecture
  • Pie-ix: Montreal Botanical Gardens (4.5). Good for: Stunning gardens, lesiurely dates
  • Viau: Biodome de Montreal (3.9). Good for: Plants and animals, rainy day dates
  • Assomption: Beni Hana Teppanyaki (4). Good for: Group dates, interactive dates
  • Cadillac: Le Saint-Jacques (4.2). Good for: Italian charm, patio dining
  • Langelier: Kazumi Sushi Lounge (4.3). Good for: Innovative sushi, beautiful presentation
  • Radisson: La Dinette Montreal-est (5). Good for: Delicious brunch, coffee
  • Honoré-Beaugrand: Station Vu (5). Good for: French cinema, arthouse films

Yellow Line

  • Longeuil-Universite-de-Sherbrook: Tutti Frutti (4.3). Good for: Brunch and lunch dates
  • Jean-Drapeau: Parc Jean Drapeau (4.3). Good for: Levis tower views, island charm
  • Berri-Uqam: Theatre Sainte Catherine* (4.4). Good for: Stand-up comedy, performing arts

Please note, Montreal date ideas marked with a * are venues where booking in advance is strongly recommended. The numbers refer to the average ranking across Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google Maps for each date.

If you have questions about these date ideas or suggestion of your own, please comment below or write to us at [email protected]

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