Looking for fun date ideas? Try these five great dates!

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Summer is coming, bringing with great weather and the chance to try some of Canada’s most fun date ideas. If you want to make the most of it, you need the right person by your side – and that’s where EliteSingles can help! Our members are looking for their perfect match – are you ready to join them?

If you’re looking for fun date ideas that create connections made to last, then you’re in the right place. With tips designed for summer weather, these ideas will get you going, all summer long.

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1. Have an outdoor adventure (without leaving home)

Blankets, pillows, starlight, a summer’s night – if you’ve got these, plus access to a garden or balcony, then you’ve already got most of the ingredients to implement one our favourite fun date ideas. The best part is that you can dial up the romance without having to leave home! Those who perfected their fort building skills as a child can get creative with fairy lights and sheets draped over chairs or tree branches, while those with allergies may want to fill a (dry!) paddling pool with blankets to keep themselves off of the grass. The important thing is to create a beautiful outdoor space in which to cuddle up and watch the stars (or a movie – hang a white sheet on the side of the house to make a great projection platform!). The perfect summer date night – at home!

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2: Explore your surroundings

It only takes a quick flick through internet travel sites to know that Canadians are really pretty lucky when it comes to their natural surroundings. The summer is the perfect time to get out and explore the best of what your local environment has to offer, be it woods, valleys, mountains or beaches. This makes a particularly fun date idea as it offers gorgeous scenery – plus, getting out an exercising with your partner can actually be good for your relationship! Not only does it give you both a boost of happiness boosting endorphins, the act of achieving something together (like climbing up to a lookout) can create a really tight bond between the pair of you.

3. Make the most of summer festivals

From outdoor cinemas, to organized stampedes, to Shakespeare performed in the park, summer in Canada means that local councils pull out all the stops to provide entertainment. Just about anything on the calendar can count towards the fun date ideas tally: your best bet might well be to find your local listings and make a shortlist. That said, there are some national highlights that it is well worth making time for – comedy fans shouldn’t miss the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal in July; music lovers will fall head over heels for the Bluesfest in Ottawa and everyone can find excitement at Toronto’s annual Caribbean Carnival (thought to be the biggest street festival in North America).

4. Check out a (non NHL) sports game

We all know that hockey is Canada’s true love when it comes to sport – but that doesn’t mean it has to be an exclusive relationship (especially in the summer months!). Choosing an alternative sports night can provide much of the excitement of hockey, but often at a far more fun-date friendly, grass-roots price. Furthermore, the summer is a great time to diversify your sporting passions – from semi-professional soccer to amateur rugby, there are plenty of great teams to support across the country and, as a further bonus, the beer is often also cheaper than at the hockey!

Cooking at home is another way to save cash while being romantic – for inspiration, see our Pinterest board!

5. Flip a coin to decide your fate!

‘’Where do you want to eat?’’ ‘’I don’t know – you choose’’ ‘’I asked first – it’s your turn!’’ – does that sound familiar? If indecisiveness keeps trying to tag along on your romantic outings, then it might be time to mix it up by using a coin to determine your destination. Indeed, one of the more unusual (but still fun!) date ideas involves taking your partner to a part of town you aren’t very familiar with. Then, every time you have a decision to make, flip a coin! Do you go left or right at the next intersection? Flip – heads – right. Do you go into this bar? Flip – tails – no. This restaurant? Flip – heads – yes! It may sound silly but this sort of spontaneity can be both exhilarating and romantic (and you may find a new favourite restaurant to boot!). Still not sure about it? Flip a coin…

Dating in the Canadian summer means being spoiled for choice when it comes to romantic ways to treat your sweetheart. If you’re ready to experience the best of them, then join EliteSingles today and let us help you find someone amazing.

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