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Romantic restaurants Toronto: our nine favourite places

Looking for romantic restaurants in Toronto? In this city, you’re spoiled for choice – so much so, in fact, that it can be hard to narrow down your options. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you, picking the top nine romantic restaurants in and around the GTA. Delicious, dreamy date nights start here, so dig in!

Romantic restaurants: Toronto's top spots

Are you a fan of romantic meals? Then Toronto can provide. The GTA dining scene is rich, diverse, and full of talent – meaning that, no matter what you think of as a ‘romantic restaurant,’ Toronto can provide. We’ve tried to take this into account with our top nine; including classic French and Italian suggestions alongside lively, modern city hangouts, and elegant eateries where you can dine-with-a-view alongside those that embody a more casual (often brunch-focused) approach to romance. 

It’s everything you need to find a romantic restaurant that suits you – and your date of course! Click through the slideshow below to read about what makes each top nine suggestion special (note: they're presented in no particular order), then check out our handy map below to easily find your favourite suggestion. Bon appetite!

9 of the best romantic restaurants in Toronto

  • Cluny bar, Toronto (view facing north and west)1/9
  • Dining room and open kitchen at TOCA Toronto2/9
  • 3/9
  • 4/9
  • 5/9
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  • Couple at an outdoor table9/9
  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #1: Cluny Bistro

    Photo: Provided by Cluny Bistro


    There are some foods that simply scream romance: strawberries, champagne, steak dinners, oysters. If you’re a fan of the latter, the romantic restaurant for you is Cluny Bistro, a French-influenced oyster and seafood brasserie that manages to feel simultaneously bohemian and luxurious – and very romantic. The seafood here is out of this world (as is the rest of the menu), and it’s perfectly complemented by the decadent, Parisian decor. Plus, the on-site boulangerie means that no date is complete without a loaf of take-home, artesian bread.


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #2: TOCA

    Photo: Provided by TOCA Toronto


    TOCA is a rare gem of the dining scene; a restaurant that manages to feel as opulent and romantic during its brunch service as it does during the evening. If you’re there for brunch, the extravagant Sunday buffet is a must-try, while dinner is the time to look out for the exquisite Chef’s tasting menu. This is also a great restaurant for a creative date – they hold monthly wine/cheese tasting sessions, all with a unique theme and held in TOCA’s very own cheese cave! (A word to the wise: this is a popular event, so be sure to book in advance).


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #3: Harvest Kitchen

    Photo: Provided by Harvest Kitchen


    Proving that not all romantic restaurants in Toronto need white tablecloths and chandeliers, Harvest Kitchen is a more relaxed date idea that still manages to charm (especially in the summer when it’s possible to snag a seat on the leafy upstairs patio!). This is a great destination for couples who are invested in where their food comes from – with numerous vegetarian/vegan options alongside meatier fare, and a focus on Ontarian, farm-to-table ingredients, Harvest Kitchen puts a very local, Toronto spin on romance.    


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #4: Amsterdam BrewHouse

    Photo: Provided by Amsterdam BrewHouse


    One of the biggest rules of Toronto dating is that, when summer hits, the best date venues are those with patios. This is where the Amsterdam BrewHouse truly comes into its own: its lakeside location means that the outdoor dining areas come complete with beautiful waterfront views. On top of this you can find delicious food (think brewery classics with a gourmet twist), and, as the cherry on top, an in-depth selection of on-site-brewed craft beers. It's relaxed, lakeside romance the way it should be.


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #5: Canoe

    Photo: Provided by Canoe


    Picture this: you’re on a date with someone amazing, there is incredible food in front of you, and, below you, Toronto stretches out as the sun sets. This is the scene when you dine at Canoe, a stunning restaurant on the 54th floor of the TD Tower. As you’d expect from a restaurant of this calibre, the menu here is exquisite (both in terms of presentation and flavour), and the open kitchen adds a sense of liveliness, but the really romantic draw card is the view – on a clear day you can see from the CN Tower all the way to the islands.


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #6: LaVinia

    Photo: Stock image


    Toronto’s romantic restaurants are not confined to the center city, and LaVinia is a case in point. A taste of Madrid in Etobicoke, this is a family-run affair that highlights the beauty of simple, perfectly cooked, Spanish cuisine. Their seafood paella is quietly becoming famous around Toronto, and the garlic soup is a must-try, even when on a romantic date (just be sure to share – it’s fine if you both have garlic breath, right?). The ambience is completed by table visits from Chef Fernando Garcia, whose warmth makes an already great night truly memorable.


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #7: The Chase

    Photo: Stock image


    Downstairs in the Dineen Building is Chase Fish and Oyster, a street-level eatery that does amazing brunch, while upstairs you can find The Chase, a rooftop patio restaurant that is a truly dreamy place for a romantic date. With its expansive outdoor seating and incredible views over the Financial District, The Chase will have you dreaming about patio season all year round, particularly once you try the food: fresh seafood, oysters, duck, and pork belly are all on offer. Have a meal then linger on the patio over cocktails – The Chase makes it hard to leave.


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #8: Luci

    Photo: Stock image


    In an EliteSingles poll, Italian food was voted the best date-night cuisine of them all. If you’re in agreement, and you’re looking for a romantic Italian restaurant in Toronto, then Luci is sure to satisfy. Another Etobicoke gem, this eatery combines casual elegance with high-class service, and a menu that sees house specialties like the whole baked sea bass sit with classics such as homemade pasta and lively dishes like habanero-pineapple jumbo shrimp. It's an ideal place to sit back, enjoy the service, and drink in the romance (and the extensive wine list!).


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  • Romantic restaurant Toronto #9: Ki

    Photo: Stock image


    Ki has been a Toronto staple for nearly 11 years, and it continues to prove that sushi and sashimi should be rightfully included on any list of romantic foods. With dishes designed for sharing, Ki is a great place to bond with a date as you explore the menu (although, once you try the tempura butterfish, you might be tempted to keep it all for yourself!). The lively Financial District location also means it's a great romantic restaurant to visit for after-work drinks, a particular treat as Ki is home to one of Canada’s only sake sommeliers!


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