The crema the crop: Toronto’s 9 best coffee shops for a first date

Couple on a romantic Toronto coffee date

Planning a first date in Toronto? Want someplace that will give you time to talk (while also providing a relaxing ambience)? You can’t go wrong with a cafe, especially if you try one of Toronto’s best coffee shops for a date. Cozy, pretty, and with Toronto’s best coffee, these 9 cafes really are the crema the crop!

Ah, the coffee date. It’s easy to see why it is such an enduring classic of a date idea: a coffee shop is the perfect place to linger a while and bond with your date while also being low-key enough to let you avoid too much first-date pressure. It’s the ideal combination!

Of course, if you’d like your date to last longer than a couple of hastily chugged espressos, you must pick the right coffee shop. You want someplace where the coffee is delicious, the food tasty, and the ambience welcoming. A place where, if the date is going well, you can happily order that second round of lattes. Luckily Toronto is full of such delights – and we’ve found 9 of the best. Click through our slideshow to find Toronto’s 9 best coffee shops for a first date.

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The 9 best coffee shops in Toronto

A map of Toronto’s 9 best coffee shops for a date

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