Gay relationship goals: where to find Canada’s most romantic gay men

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Single, gay, and looking for lasting love in Canada? Our latest study looked at the average importance gay singles give to monogamy, marriage, and romance in each province. Whether your relationship goals involve walking down the aisle, or simply seeking a match for life, here’s where to find Canada’s most relationship-ready gay men.

Canada’s most relationship-ready gay men

So, how did we define ‘relationship-minded gay singles’? We started by analyzing anonymous data from 6,500 randomly selected men seeking men with EliteSingles.1 We split the data into provinces, and then looked at average importance rankings for three relationship statements:

  • Monogamy is important to me and should be for my partner
  • Marriage is important to me and should be for my partner
  • I bring romance to my relationships

In this study, a higher average ranking corresponds to a stronger desire for monogamy, marriage, or romance. Therefore, by looking at the data by area, we were able to determine the provinces that are home to Canada’s most monogamous, most marriage-minded, and most romantic gay singles:

The most monogamy-focused provinces

The most marriage-minded provinces

Canada’s most romantic gay singles

Relationship goals and gay dating

The most monogamy-focused provinces

We start with the most highly-ranked gay relationship goal in our study: monogamy. Now, before we give the rankings, it’s important to note that EliteSingles is designed for Canadians seeking a serious relationship, no matter what their orientation. Thus, a lower monogamy ranking doesn’t imply that singles in that area only want hookups. In fact, the study showed that gay men in Canada consistently rank monogamy as one of the most vital relationship goals, giving it a higher average importance ranking than romance or even marriage.

That said, the study did reveal the province where gay singles are most strongly in favour of monogamous relationships. If you’re a single gay man seeking an exclusive match, then try dating in Toronto, or seeking a match in Ottawa – Ontario is home to Canada’s most monogamy-focused gay men.

Coming in at number two is Alberta (excellent news for those men seeking men in in Calgary or Edmonton), while British Columbia took third, and Manitoba fourth. Quebec rounded out the top monogamy top five.

In order, the most monogamy-focused Canadian provinces are:

1. Ontario
2. Alberta
3. British Columbia
4. Manitoba
5. Quebec
6. Saskatchewan
7. New Brunswick
8. Newfoundland and Labrador
9. Nova Scotia
10. Prince Edward Island

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The most marriage-minded provinces

So many gay dating sites are notorious hotbeds for hook-ups, rather than offering the chance to find a match for life. EliteSingles is a more serious kind of site, built for singles whose hopes for love include long-term commitment and/or marriage.

If those sound like your kind of gay relationship goals, then it might be time to try dating in Montreal and learning how to say I love you in French – according to the study, the gay singles most interested in marriage can be found in Quebec. Facinatingly, when this study was repeated with gay women, Quebec also topped the list for marriage-mindedness. Maybe there’s something in the poutine!

Those men on the gay dating scene in Winnipeg will be pleased with the fact that Manitoba is second on the marriage-minded province list. It’s followed by Alberta in third, Newfoundland and Labrador at fourth, and British Columbia in fifth. That means Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and B.C. are all featured in both the monogamy and the marriage top 5.

In order, the most marriage-focused provinces of Canada are:

1. Quebec
2. Manitoba
3. Alberta
4. Newfoundland and Labrador
5. British Columbia
6. Ontario
7. New Brunswick
8. Saskatchewan
9. Prince Edward Island
10. Nova Scotia

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The places with the most romantic gay singles

While it may not be the most important of gay relationship goals, romance is nonetheless a common feature of a happy love story. To discover the nation’s biggest romantics, our study looked at gay men who agree that they bring romance to their relationships. And, this time, it’s men from Newfoundland and Labrador who claim the number one spot.

Some familiar provinces round out the top five: British Columbia is second, Ontario third, and Alberta fourth. New Brunswick also makes a showing, taking out fifth place – let’s hear it for gay romance, Moncton style!

Of all the areas in Canada, only Alberta and British Columbia featured in the top five for all three lists, with Alberta getting second place for monogamy, third for marriage, and fourth for romance, and B.C. placing third, fifth, and second. Perhaps then, if you’re a single gay man seeking a monogamous, romantic marriage, then your next step is obvious – start brushing up on your romantic coffee shops in Vancouver, and your date ideas for Calgary and Edmonton!

In order, Canada’s most romantic gay singles can be found in:

1. Newfoundland and Labrador
2. British Columbia
3. Ontario
4. Alberta
5. New Brunswick
6. Quebec
7. Manitoba
8. Saskatchewan
9. Nova Scotia
10. Prince Edward Island

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Relationship goals and gay dating

If there is one thing that this study has shown, it’s that you can find romantic, relationship-ready, monogamous gay men all over the country. And, as EliteSingles spokesperson Michael Middleton2 puts it, we shouldn’t be at all surprised: ”from the outside, the LGBT community is sometimes seen as non-traditional, but in truth the search for long-lasting and committed love is simply a part of the human condition. We all want it, regardless of our sexuality”

He goes on to add ”it’s interesting to see the differences from region to region, but more telling is that monogamy, marriage and romance are all valued so highly, and consistently right across Canada. The EliteSingles study goes a long way to prove that perception and reality are poles apart.”

If you’re a gay man seeking long-term love, then this study shows there no time like the present to start looking. Your next boyfriend – or maybe your husband – is out there!

For more information on this study, please get in touch by email: [email protected]


1 Source: anonymous data from 6,549 randomly selected men seeking men, all of whom were registered with in 2017. Data based on average agreement with the statements ‘monogamy is is important to me and should be for my partner’, ‘marriage is important for me and should be important for my partner’ and ‘I bring romance to my relationships’.

2 Michael Middleton is an author, editor, and spokesperson for EliteSingles. He has previously been quoted in publications such as Queerty and Gay Star News

Please note: Data used cannot be traced back to the original user. To keep this study anonymous, only areas with significant numbers of responses were included.

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