Here’s where to find Canada’s most marriage-minded singles

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If you’re looking for love that leads to marriage, it pays to date people who also want to hear wedding bells. But where, exactly, should you start that search? Our survey of 40,000 men and women has revealed the 15 cities that are home to Canada’s most marriage minded singles. From Newfoundland to BC, here are Canada’s marriage hotspots.

First things first: how do you determine a ‘marriage minded single‘? For this study, we looked at anonymous data from 40,000 Canadians registered with EliteSingles. In particular, we analyzed responses to the statement ”marriage is important to me and should be important to my partner.” The more strongly someone agreed with the statement, the more marriage-minded they were deemed to be.

We were then able to average the responses out geographically; determining the 15 most marriage-focused cities in Canada overall,1 along with deeper dives into marriage desires in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

1. Canada’s most marriage-minded singles [Infographic]
2. A closer look at Ontario [Infographic]
3. A closer look at British Columbia [Infographic]
4. A closer look at Alberta [Infographic]

1. Canada’s most marriage-minded singles

Looking for the most marriage-minded singles in Canada? The study revealed that they can be found in (drumroll) St John’s. NL! That’s right, when it comes to interest in marriage, St John’s singles are keener than any other singles in the country.

However, St John’s is not the only Canadian city where marriage is a priority, and in fact the study also revealed a number of ‘marriage hotspots’ around the country: areas where a number of highly-ranked cities cluster together.

The most visible of these was the Greater Toronto Area, home to no less than eight out the top fifteen marriage-minded cities in Canada (and four out of the top five!). These included: Richmond Hill (#2), Vaughan (#3), Markham (#4), Brampton (#5), Toronto (#6), Mississauga (#10), Milton (#13), and Oakville (#15).

Other hotspots included a wider Metro Vancouver (home to 4 out of the top 15 with Coquitlam (#7), Burnaby (#8), Surrey (#9), and Abbotsford (#12) all on the list); and the Edmonton region (home to Edmonton (#11), and St Albert (#14)).

The top 15 marriage-minded cities in Canada are:

1. St John’s, NL
2. Richmond Hill, ON
3. Vaughan, ON
4. Markham, ON
5. Brampton, ON
6. Toronto, ON
7. Coquitlam, BC
8. Burnaby, BC
9. Surrey, BC
10. Mississauga, ON
11. Edmonton, AB
12. Abbotsford, BC
13. Milton, ON
14. St Albert, AB
15. Oakville, ON

As interesting as these results might be, they do have to come with a caveat: EliteSingles is a dating site for Canadians wanting to find lasting love online, so all members are likely to be more relationship-focused than might be seen in a wider study of the population. Similarly, just because a city didn’t make the top 15, it doesn’t mean the singles there are only focused on flings – instead they may simply be into lasting love without the formality of marriage.

That said, 40,000 people is a sizeable sample, so it’s fair to say that if you’re sick of being the one who is always single at weddings, and if you want wedding bells in your future, it might be time to try dating in St John’s or the GTA!

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2. A closer look at Ontario

With a huge eight out the top fifteen marriage-minded cities in Canada located in the GTA, it’s clear that singles dating in and around Toronto do indeed see marriage as a priority. In particular, York Region is a marriage hotspot – with Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Markham all taking top-5 postions, York Region is home to single who are wedding-ready. But, what about the rest of Ontario?

We went deeper with our research, narrowing down the search field to just places in the province, and discovered the 15 cities home to Ontario’s most marriage-ready singles. The top eight will look familiar – but with Northern Ontario cities like Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury joining the list along with more southwestern cities like Kitchener, Waterloo, and Windsor, it’s clear that relationship-readiness is far from just a Toronto trait!

The top 15 marriage-minded cities in Ontario are:

1. Richmond Hill
2. Vaughan
3. Markham
4. Brampton
5. Toronto
6. Mississauga
7. Milton
8. Oakville
9. Pickering
10. Waterloo
11. Kitchener
12. Windsor
13. Sudbury
14. Sault Ste. Marie
15. Newmarket

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3. A closer look at British Columbia

With four cities finishing in the top fifteen (three if you think Abbotsford is too far out), Metro Vancouver is another of Canada’s marriage hotspots. But does that mean that the only marriage-minded singles in British Columbia are in Metro Van? We took another dive into the data to find the top fifteen most marriage-focused cities in BC.

We discovered that, in fact, BC singles wanting marriage can be found all over the province. Yes, a lot are in the Vancouver area, as well as in Vancouver proper, but they can also be found as far north as Prince George, as far east as Nanaimo and Victoria, and as far west as Penticton, Kamloops, and Kelowna.

The top 15 marriage-minded cities in British Columbia are:

1. Coquitlam
2. Burnaby
3. Surrey
4. Abbotsford
5. Chilliwack
6. New Westminster
7. Delta
8. Penticton
9. Vancouver
10. Nanaimo
11. Langley
12. Kelowna
13. Prince George
14. Victoria
15. Kamloops

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4. A closer look at Alberta

Our final closer look at the data takes us to Alberta, where two cities – Edmonton (#11). and St Albert (#14) – ranked among Canada’s fifteen most marriage-minded cities.

As with other provinces, however, a deeper look at Alberta revealed that, in fact, the province is full of marriage-minded singles – particularly along the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. In fact, Albertan singles who are deeply interested in tying the knot range from Lethbridge and Medicine Hat to Calgary and Airdrie, from Red Deer to the EMR (where Edmonton, St Albert, and Sherwood Park make the list), and all the way up to Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray.

The top 10 marriage-minded cities in Alberta are:

1. Edmonton
2. St. Albert
3. Medicine Hat
4. Airdrie
5. Red Deer
6. Calgary
7. Sherwood Park
8. Fort McMurray
9. Grande Prairie
10. Lethbridge

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From St. John’s to Victoria, and from Windsor to Fort McMurray, our latest study has revealed Canada’s best places to meet a marriage-ready partner – and they’re scattered all over the country! The one thing they have in common? They’re all registered with EliteSingles. If you’re on the hunt for marriage-minded singles (or if you simply want to find lasting love), then why not join them? You can get started right here.

EliteSingles editorial April 2018

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Study completed by EliteSingles researchers in April 2018, based on randomly selected, anonymous data from 40,000 singles registered with Data used cannot be traced back to the original user. Please note: Only cities that turned up 100 or more random responses were included in the geographic averages.

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