Love you a latte: Vancouver’s 9 best coffee shops for a cozy date

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Need a first date idea in Vancouver? Going out for coffee remains the classic, but where should you go? We’ve scoured the city and found Vancouver’s best coffee shops for a first date. From the cute to the cozy to the quirky, these 9 cafes are serving up the love – alongside VanCity’s best coffee!

The coffee date is a classic for a reason – especially when it’s a first date with someone you met online. No other date idea quite captures the low stakes/high reward of going out for coffee: coffee shops are public places, they create a relaxed setting, and if you’re not clicking, they can be kept brief (unlike a dinner date). On the other hand, if sparks are flying you can go ahead and order that second flat white – you’re in the perfect place to linger a little longer.

Of course, lingering is a more appealing prospect if you pick the right cafe. Happily for those singles dating in Vancouver, this city is full of coffee shops that make perfect backdrops for a romantic date (whether it’s the first or the fiftieth!). And we’ve sussed out 9 of the best…

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The 9 best coffee shops in Vancouver

A map of Vancouver’s best coffee shops for a date

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