Binge watching TV: can your favourite show make you more attractive?

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In recent years, popular culture has embraced the idea of the TV date night: the idea that binge watching a new show together is the height of romance. We wanted to see if Canadian singles agreed. Our newest survey asked 300 Canadians aged 18-59 for their thoughts on how television can influence attraction.

As it turns out, Canadians think your choice in TV says a lot about you: not only do 61% think that putting your favourite shows in your online profile is a great way to meet a like-minded date, 68% feel that being a fan of the right shows can actually make you more interesting!

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It all starts with a Big Bang

So what are these ‘right’ shows? Opinions are divided but, ultimately, the show that grants the most kudos is The Big Bang Theory. Indeed, 42% of singles agree that being interested in The Big Bang can make you seem more attractive. Second place goes to Game of Thrones, with 28% thinking that fans of that series are automatically more intriguing; while Criminal Minds takes out third place with 27%.

Of course, there is a flip side to this coin: the survey also revealed that there are TV shows that are seen as off-putting. Leading the pack (by a wide margin) is The Walking Dead: 33% of Canadian singles think that being a fan of zombie hordes makes you less attractive. Other TV turn-offs include loving Broadchurch (a no-no for 15% of singles), and being a devotee of Doctor Who (a repellant for 14%).

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Who wants to be binge watching on a date anyway?

It would also seem that popular culture is right about the effect of TV on romantic nights in: more than half of singles in Canada enthusiastically embrace the idea of a TV date night. Of course, the overall eagerness for such a session waxes and wanes with age, and it’s 30-39 year olds who are by far the most in favour (80% believe that binge watching a new box set together is a dreamy way to spend an evening). 72% of 18-29 years olds agree, along with 57% of those aged 40-49, and 53% of those aged 50-59

However, before you and your partner cuddle up on the couch for your TV date, you have to decide what show to watch. The safe choice is a comedy: 43% of men and 46% of women think that this is the genre best suited to binge watching. After that, things get trickier: men’s next favourite genre is romance (17%), followed by fantasy (11%), while women prefer to temper their comedy with crime drama (17%) and with thrillers (9%). We can only hope that someday soon we’ll see a show about wise-cracking, dragon riding, international spies who fall in love while robbing a bank and everyone will be happy.

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Netflix and chill: the celebrity edition

Watching TV with your one and only might be romantic but there’s always a chance that thier mind is elsewhere! Indeed, the survey also revealed the celebrities that Canadians most want to cuddle up on the couch with (or even ‘Netflix and chill’ with).

For men it’s Kaley Cuoco (the blonde, bubbly Penny from The Big Bang Theory), followed by Sophia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Modern Family) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones).

Meanwhile – spoiler alert – women will be relieved by this year’s Game of Thrones resurrection: their most coveted celebrity is Kit Harrington, aka the broodingly handsome Jon Snow, followed by Jesse Williams (Dr Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy) and Sam Heughan (Jaime Fraser, Outlander).

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EliteSingles editorial, June 2016

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All statistics taken from the EliteSingles ‘Television and Dating’ survey. Partcipants: 300 Canadian singles aged 18-59.

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