The funniest singles: where to find a witty partner (and why it matters)

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Our recent study of 170,000 people has revealed where to find Canada’s funniest singles!¹ But why is this important? EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine gave us some insight regarding the importance of humour in a relationship and revealed why we find funny people so attractive.

Where are Canada’s funniest singles?

In 2014, an EliteSingles study discovered that 97% of our members see humour as an essential part of a healthy relationship.2 Happily for them (and for anyone looking for a witty partner), our latest study has revealed something interesting: we now know where to find the funniest singles in Canada.

In our study, we looked at anonymous user data from 170,000 of the Canadians registered with our site. By analyzing how strongly these singles agreed with the question ‘I often make others laugh,’ we determined which people in Canada think they’re funny. We then averaged these scores out by area, allowing us to find the cities where funny singles congregate.3

And, once the scores were tallied, it turned out to be excellent news for the singles of Leduc, Alberta. Usually known for its lakes, oil economy and proximity to Edmonton, Leduc can now add another feather to its cap: the city is home to the funniest singles in Canada.

As well as determining the funniest city overall, the study uncovered the funniest place in each province. From BC to Newfoundland, here’s where to find the funniest singles near you:

  • Alberta: Leduc
  • British Columbia: Langley & Coquitlam (tie)
  • Manitoba: Winnipeg
  • New Brunswick: Fredericton
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: St John’s
  • Nova Scotia: Halifax (HRM)
  • Ontario: Milton
  • Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown
  • Quebec: L’ÎlePerrot
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon

Funny men vs funny women

So, it seems that Canada is teeming with hilarious singles – of both genders. In fact, no one gender dominates the funny list, with men and women alike declaring themselves to be witty.

Indeed, in what may be shocking news for anyone who still believes that ‘women aren’t funny,’ the survey showed that women are actually extremely confident when it comes to embracing their own wit. In five out of ten provinces (BC, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI), women beat men to the funny crown.

In a further three provinces (Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario), men and women drew for the title. That leaves just Quebec and Saskatchewan as the only two provinces in Canada where men’s self-ranking on the humour scale is higher than that of women.

Why is a good sense of humour so important?

Funny men, funny women, funniest singles – why does all of this matter? Well, for starters, if you’re a funny person, it may make you more attractive. As mentioned above, our members think that a shared sense of humour is vital for compatibility, and that’s a sentiment shared by many. From 1990s lonely hearts postings seeking someone with a ‘GSOH’ to modern day online dating profiles written by those who ‘love a good laugh,’ singles are drawn to those who see the wittier side of life. In fact, it’s a desire popular enough to almost be cliché!

But why would that be? EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine thinks that it is because giggling together can bring us closer to one another: ‘’Laughing together is probably the best sign of a healthy relationship for a couple. Humour and self-mockery definitely help to forge happy memories and the ability to make each other giggle with just a glance creates a strong friendship between two people.’’4

She goes on to say that shared humour is great news for your future together: ’’When two partners can laugh at themselves and they’re not afraid to be ridiculous around each other, it indicates a strong bond. This in turn is essential for a lasting relationship.’’

So, humour can bring people together and help them stay that way. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people seek funny singles – and it’s fantastic that they are everywhere in Canada.

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EliteSingles editorial March 2016

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1 Souce: Anonymous user data from a 170,000 person sample of the Canadians registered with between 2014 and 2016.

2 EliteSingles ‘Love and Politics’ survey, 2014. Sample size: 500 members from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

3 Data sampling was restrcited to small areas with 100 reponses or more. For this reason, there was insufficient data to include the three territories.

4 All Salama Marine quotes from an original EliteSingles interview, 2016

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