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Where to meet women – is it better to go offline or online?

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Every day, on commuter trains and in cars, in offices and in houses, in gyms and in bars, men are asking themselves the same question: just where can you go to meet women? Is it better to try and catch the eye of a lovely lady in real life? Or should you take the search for a match online? Well, ask no more. We’ve looked at some of the most common places to meet women in 2019 and outlined the perks and pitfalls of each choice. Want to meet someone great? This is the place to start.

Why is it so hard to know where to meet women?

Meeting single women seems like it used to be straightforward. Your grandpa married the girl next door; your dad met your mum at college. Simple. And today? Well, meeting a woman in a bar or club is just as easy – if you’re in your 20s that is! But what happens when you’ve outgrown the club scene, and left your college life (and your home town) behind you? For many busy professional men dating after 30, 40, and beyond, it can be hard to know where and how to meet women. But don’t despair: interesting, vibrant single women are out there – and we’ve analyzed the potential of five places where you can meet them.

Where to meet women: the perks and pitfalls of five potential hotspots

1. At the office

For many single, professional men wondering where to meet women, the office can seem like natural place to start. After all, you spend hours with your colleagues every week, meaning that you get to know them really well. It’s not hard to imagine a workplace friendship easily becoming something more.

Of course, even if you work where office dating is allowed, it can be hard to know if a woman is showing signs that she likes you, or if she’s just being courteous because you work together. Secondly, you have to consider the long-term outcome. Say things between you work out – do you really want to be working side-by-side with your girlfriend? Or, even worse, if things go pear-shaped – do you want to be spending all day every day with your ex?

Success forecast: Low. It might work – but office dating is risky business!

2. On your commute or at the gym

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting on the subway, or running on the treadmill, and someone walks past who makes your stomach do a little flip. Indeed, gyms and trains and other public places are full of beautiful, powerful women – so does this mean that they are good places to find a match?

In a word, no. Rom coms claim that these ‘meet-cutes’ are among the best ways to meet women, but the reality is far different. That pretty woman on the train? She’s had a long day at work, and just wants to get home and change into some comfy shoes. She’s not thinking about dating! That cute girl across the gym? She’s got six more sets of crunches to go, and then 20 mins on the rowing machine. Dating is not her priority right now. The fact is, the location is only one part of the where-to-meet-women puzzle. Timing is just as important and, realistically, that knocks the meet-cute out of contention.

Success forecast: Low. She’s likely got other things than dating on her mind

3. Through a hobby

It’s one of the bits of advice dished out to men wondering where to meet women, and women wondering where to meet men: if you want to stop being single, take up a hobby! In theory, this is a great idea. You’re doing something you love, with people who love it too, which makes conversation easy. And who wouldn’t want a relationship with someone who shares their interests?

Of course, this rosy view assumes that it’s just single people who have hobbies, when in fact, couples often use them to bond. Imagine: you take a cooking class hoping to meet a special lady – and it’s just you and four couples. Nightmare! That’s not to say you won’t meet a nice woman via a hobby, more that you should make the rewards of the hobby the priority: any romance is simply a nice bonus.

Success forecast: Medium. You have shared interests – but how can you know if she’s single?

4. Via friends or family

According to a survey done by wedding website The Knot, around 17% of married couples met their spouse through friends or family – a percentage second only to the 19% who met their match online1. It seems like an almost quaint idea – but it does happen! One day you’re wondering where to meet women, and then the next your buddy Dave invites you to the bar, you meet his friend Lucy, and sparks fly.

However, it’s worth noting that your family and friends will only have a limited pool to pick from. If say, you’re an older guy looking for single women over 40, or you’re a single dad thinking about dating a single mom, you might find it hard to have your specifics met. Additionally, you run into the same problem that happens with office dating – it’s just too inter-connected. If you and Lucy break up, those bar nights with Dave might get very awkward.

Success forecast: Medium-High. However, you may not be able to specify the kind of match you get

5. With an online dating service

Sure, we’re not exactly impartial. But, at EliteSingles, we truly believe that online dating is the single best way to find a partner. It simply makes practical sense: you want to meet single women, you go where the single people are! Plus, choose the right online dating site, and you can get specific about the kind of woman and the type of relationship you’re seeking. If you want true compatibility, online dating gives you the best chance of success.

The main reason we’re so convinced that online dating is the place to meet women? We know it works. Every day we hear the real life success stories of couples who feel in love on our site. And you could be one of them! All it takes is looking in the right place.

Success forecast: High. Pick the right dating service and it will help you meet single, compatible women

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1. https://www.theknot.com/content/online-dating-most-popular-way-to-meet-spouse

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