10 tips for truly romantic vacations: holiday bliss starts here

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Romantic vacations: they’re one of the big tests of any new relationship. Sure, you might get on just fine when you’re dating on your home turf but, when you bring different travelling styles and unfamiliar surroundings into the equation, it can result in a whole lot of stress.

Yet, done right, couple’s vacations can be amazing – creating memories and connections that can strengthen relationship bonds. So, how can you make sure that you find holiday bliss and avoid the holiday blues? It’s easy: simply follow the 10 dos and don’ts of romantic vacations.

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1. Romantic vacations start with good planning

DO: Pick a destination that is new to you both

One of the most charming things about couple’s vacations is that they let you discover a place together, creating lasting memories as you go. This is why it’s vital to choose a destination that is new to you both; one full of fresh experiences and memories just waiting to be written.

DON’T: Revisit old ground

The antithesis of this is rehashing a trip you took with an ex. As vacation no-nos go, this is a biggie: you’ll spend the whole time having flashbacks to your last love, while your new partner will spend your time together wondering whether they measure up to your past. Hardly very romantic!

2. The holiday-mood starts with the journey

DO: Make the journey itself romantic

Romance doesn’t have to wait until you arrive at your destination! Flying? Order some champagne and snuggle up for a romantic in-flight movie session. Driving? Make a playlist of your shared favourite tunes and be sure to stop at any romantically picturesque lookouts you find along the way.

DON’T: Create unnecessary stress

Let’s face it: travelling can be stressful, especially so if you’re with a new partner whom you want to impress! Trying to prepare for romantic vacations at the last minute just amplifies this stress, meaning that it is extra vital to double check things like flight times, currency and accommodation plans in advance.

3. Strike a balance when it comes to vacation activities

DO: Take turns choosing activities

It would be nice to think that you and your partner would want the same things on vacation but the reality is that one of you may want to take a harbour cruise while the other plans to sunbathe, one may want to try local nightclubs while the other wants an early night and so on. The test, then, is how well you can adapt to each other’s requests. For true romantic bliss, try taking turns to make the plans.

DON’T: Forget to be spontaneous

While planning activities is a great way to ensure you both have a happy time, spontaneity can also keep things romantic. You may even find that your best memories come from the moments you didn’t plan, with the novelty creating a great bond between you. And it doesn’t have to be big: something as small as trying a new dish can be romantic when you experience it together.

4. Realize that, sometimes, things go wrong

DO: Prepare for foreseeable situations

Not every holiday hiccup can be foreseen but some can be prepared for. You don’t want to let little issues like sunburn, insect bites or blisters ruin the romantic mood so be sure to seek out things like sunscreen and bandages before you need them. It’s a minor detail that can have major benefits!

DON’T: Let it get to you if something goes pear-shaped

Of course, even with careful planning, many romantic vacations have moments when things get dicey. The new dish you tried turns out to be squid (which you hate) or the harbour cruise becomes an exercise in seasickness. The best solution? Try and see the funny side – and know that even the silliest vacation disasters can turn out to be fond, bonding memories when you recollect them as a couple.

5. Be smart about creating memories

DO: Buy a souvenir or take a memorable photo

After all, memories are one of the greatest things that you can take from a couple’s vacation. Encourage those memories with small gestures: capture a wonderful moment in a photo or buy your partner that small souvenir they’ve had their eye on all week. Find a memento that will remind you both of vacation romance whenever you see it.

DON’T: Spend more time on the memory than the moment

That said, you don’t want to lose the romance in the making of the memory. Taking a quick photo of the two of you is fine: spending hours on your phone fiddling with the perfect filter is not. In fact, the biggest tip for romantic vacations is this – be in the moment. Your phone, your work emails, your life back home can wait. What matters is the two of you and the time you are spending together.

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EliteSingles editorial August 2015.

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