Hot in the city: Vancouver singles have Canada’s highest libidos!

A new study of 40,000 Canadians has revealed that, out of the whole country, Vancouver’s singles are the most eager for sex – while Quebec’s singles are left out in the cold!

The study, which was carried out by dating site EliteSingles, aimed to discover how much value Canadian singles assign to time spent between the sheets. In order to find out, they took a random, anonymous sample of their members and looked at how much they agreed with the question; “I have a strong desire for sex.”

Perhaps it’s something to do with the (bump and) grind of big city life, perhaps there’s just something in Beaver Lake, but Vancouver took out the ultimate honours, with singles from the city revealing themselves to have Canada’s biggest libidos. Not only that, several Greater Vancouver areas – including Langley and Maple Ridge – scored significantly higher than the national average.

Honour must also go to singles from Sault Sainte Marie, who came in at second place overall and to those from Toronto, who took third. Also in the top 10 were Grande Prairie, Brandon and Fredericton, proving that it isn’t always the size of the city that counts!

Where to find Canada’s MOST amorous singles:

1. Vancouver
2. Sault Sainte Marie
3. Toronto
5. Kelowna
6. Windsor
7. Grande Prairie
8. Brandon
9. Fredericton
10. Halifax

Of course, where there are winners there must always be losers and when it comes to sex the story is no different. What is unusual however, is that all of Canada’s least amorous cities are, without expectation, in Quebec. French may well be the language of love but it is most certainly NOT the language of lust!

Where to find Canada’s LEAST amorous singles:

  1. Matane
  1. Montmagny
  1. Joliette
  1. Montreal
  1. Shawinigan

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EliteSingles Research Team

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