Single? It’s time to get ready for cuffing season – it’s real and it’s nearly here!

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A new survey of 1500 people has shown that ‘cuffing season’ isn’t just an on-trend dating term. In fact, it’s a real phenomenon – and singles should make the most of the fact that it’s nearly here.

The survey, which was conducted by premium dating site EliteSingles, looked into the concept of ‘cuffing season’ – the idea that the arrival of fall (and the resulting cold weather) means single people are more inclined to seek a steady partner. Nods to cuffing season can be found everywhere, but is there any truth to folk wisdom that says cold weather = singles looking for love? The survey says yes!

In fact, a huge 70% of singles say that they think people are more inclined to look for a long-term partner in the colder months. Just 30% think the warmer months are the better choice.

Getting specific, 38% said that they’re personally more motivated to look for love in the fall – making it a more popular season to seek romance than spring (32%), summer (17%), and winter (13%).

Finally, nearly half of people (46%) say that fall is the most romantic season. That’s more than double the percentage of any other season (21% choose spring, 19% summer, and 14% winter). That also means a huge 60% of those surveyed find the cooler months more romantic than the warmer ones.

In addition to the survey, the dating site analyzed anonymous data from 30,000 of its members. It found that from October to November last year, female registrations in Canada increased by 9.1%, while male registrations increased by 13.4%. With this trend predicted to continue in 2017, singles will be in good company if looking for a partner this fall – especially if they want to be cuffed in time for the really cold weather to hit. But how can singles make the most of cuffing season?

Embrace the fact that you can plan cozy nights in
For the majority of singles (61%), the very best thing about fall dating is having someone to stay in with when it’s stormy outside. If you’re dating someone new, don’t be afraid to plan indoor date nights: staying in with wine, a movie, and your sweetie is a true cuffing season highlight!

Make the most of cheesy fall date ideas
Having a fall partner also means you get to try all those cute, cheesy fall date ideas. For 4/5 Canadian singles (80%) the ultimate fall date idea is simple: taking a walk to see all the fall colours. Other popular ideas include going to a bonfire together (35%) and co-hosting a Thanksgiving meal (24%) – although with Thanksgiving on October 9th this year, those wanting to host better get cuffed quick!

Dress to impress (which means dressing for the weather!)
If you want to boost your chances of a cuffing season romance, it pays to dress to impress. For Canadian women, the most attractive cold-weather outfit is a cute dress and tights (rated #1 by 35%), followed by a cozy sweater (19%) and a nice coat (13%). Men should focus on the coat (seen as the most attractive by 41%), a cozy sweater (25%), and a flannel shirt (13%).

Be proactive
Of course, to try out these date ideas and date outfits, you need someone to date in the first place. EliteSingles in-house relationship psychologist Zoe Coetzee advises that the best way to meet someone in the colder months is to be proactive:

‘’As the temperatures drop, people tend to seek comfort indoors. Fall means more free time to start looking online, but it’s also important to keep your spirits up by getting out of the house. In fall, a good way to still get out there and meet people is to take up a new indoor hobby. Try something like a painting or a cooking class – creativity boosts your energy and is a magnet for like-minded singles.’’

You can find more insights from Zoe in our in-depth article along with 5 of the best fall date ideas

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