Want an amorous partner? Find someone who loves watching sports

In honour of 2016’s athletic August, dating site EliteSingles decided to investigate whether sports can influence your love-life. After studying data from 33,000 Canadian singles, they found something interesting: it appears that liking sports (even just on TV) goes hand in hand with a high libido!
  • On average, singles who like sports have far higher libidos than singles who don’t
  • These raised libidos exist whether playing sports – or just watching them!
  • Sporty singles also feel sexier: but are pickier when selecting a partner
  • The sexiest sport of all - according to Canadians - is swimming
  • Canada’s sexiest athletes of 2016 are Jacqueline Simoneau and Ashton Baumann

Want to get in the mood? Try some sports

People who love sports have a much higher sexual appetite than those who don’t! According to the study, a massive 83% of singles who love exercising and fitness also claim to have ‘a strong desire for sex,’ whereas just 57% of singles who don't who don’t exercise can say the same.

What’s really interesting though, is that you don’t necessarily have to be doing the sport yourself to enjoy a high libido. Indeed, 83% of those who love watching sports events on TV also claim a strong desire for sex, compared with just 74% of those who actively don’t like to watch. 

Sports lovers are sexy – and picky!

Along with their strident libidos, sports lovers can boast high levels of self-assurance: 76% of those who exercise describe themselves as ‘sexy.’ Meanwhile, just 45% of those who don’t exercise would refer to themselves in the same way. 

Once again, this is an area where the sports watchers are keeping pace with the sports doers: 73% of those who love televised sports see themselves as sexy, while just 65% of those who don’t watch would be comfortable using the same term. Evidently, loving sports, whether as participant or fan, is the best way to ensure a fun summer between the sheets...

Of course, there is a catch: this increased self-assurance goes hand-in-hand with increased pickiness about a partner’s looks. Indeed, the more people love sports, the more physical attraction is an important factor in their search for a spouse: 79% of sporty singles and 76% of TV watchers cite physical attractiveness as an important quality in a partner, compared with just 54% of non-exercisers and 71% of TV haters.  

Swimming is the sexiest sport

So, sports lovers are sexy, but which sport is sexiest of them all? For Canadian singles, there’s no contest - in a complementary study, those surveyed revealed that swimming is #1 in the sexy stakes (unfortunately, there’s no word on whether or not Speedos have something to do with that outcome!). 

Like father like son

Perhaps this lust for swimmers is the reasoning behind the fact that, when asked to pick the sexiest athletes of 2016, Canadians in the survey voted for breast-stroke champion Ashton Baumann and synchronized swimmer Jacqueline Simoneau.

Then again, it could be to do with family genetics – the survey also asked respondents to pick the sexiest Canadian athletes of all time, and the sexiest man turned out to be Ashton Baumann’s father, gold medal winning swimmer Alex Baumann! He was joined on the podium by the sexiest woman, gold medal winning rower Kathleen Heddle.

For more on this study: including the reveal of the least sexy sport in Canada - please see our full report

Press contact: Sophie Watson

EliteSingles Research Team