What taboo? Survey shows singles happy to talk politics in polite company.

In news that will surely come as a relief to Canadians unable to tear their minds off of the election, a survey by EliteSingles has revealed that 2/3 singles (65 per cent) are happy to talk politics in polite company. And yes, that includes the first date.
  • 65 per cent of singles think politics is not a taboo first date topic
  • 60 per cent think political compatibility is important when finding a partner
  • Just 34 per cent of women (and 54 per cent of men) could be in a relationship with someone whose political views contradicted their own

The results also showed that Canadians are particularly easy-going when it comes to discussing this traditionally ‘taboo’ topic. The survey, which looked at the responses of 500 singles from Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, also asked singles what they thought the most forbidden first-date topic was. 10 per cent of singles overall chose politics – but none of these singles were Canadian. That’s right: not one Canadian single thought political chat should be off the table. 

Perhaps this willingness to talk politics is because so many singles think that political views are an important part of relationship compatibility. In fact, the survey showed that 60 per cent of singles think political opinion is important when finding a partner – meaning that it outranks traditionally popular compatibility factors such as religion (seen as important by just 46 per cent of singles).

The survey also showed that this preference for political harmony is more important to women than to men. Indeed, just 34 per cent of women could be in a relationship with someone whose views contradicted their own, while 54 per cent of men said they could do the same. 

Finally, the survey results revealed one final piece of good (albeit frivolous) news – Canada’s hottest politician is Justin Trudeau! Indeed, no matter what the result on October 19th, the Liberal leader has already won one race: EliteSingles members have voted him in as Canada’s sexiest politician. 

Press contact: Sophie Watson

EliteSingles Research Team