Happy holidays: Five ways to be the perfect partner this Christmas

Just in time for the holiday season, a new study has revealed the ways to get on someone’s nice list.

A poll conducted by dating site http://www.elitesingles.ca/ got 350 people from around Canada to reveal what they want from a dream partner – and forget the five gold rings! These five bold things are the best ways to treat someone you love this Christmas.

1. Surprise them with sexy lingerie (but only if you’re trying to impress a guy)

Buying a present for the man in your life? Turns out that Canadian men want just one thing – and it is what you’re thinking. 69 per cent of men (yes, really) want a partner who will surprise them with sexy underwear. What’s more, Canadian men might just be the English speaking world’s biggest fans of naughty knickers. The same study was run in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand – and, while the men there were generally for the idea, Canadian men topped them all when it came to having a passion for panties.* Canadian women, however, were not so easily titillated: just 32 per cent wanted to be surprised by their partner in sexy gotchies.  

2. Stay away from their work Christmas party

Cut price bubbly around the photocopier, wondering where Jess from HR and Dave from Finance have got to, late-night trips for greasy take-out with the team from Marketing: the work Christmas party is undoubtedly full of glamour, so it’s no wonder that more than half of Canadian men (59 per cent) and nearly two-thirds of women (62 per cent) want to be left to party in peace.  The ideal partner is one who stays away from their lover’s work functions (but who also, perhaps, makes sure that they have water for the morning after!)

3. Invite them to the family get-together

But only if you’ve been dating for three months or longer! When it comes to meeting friends and family, Canadians are fairly easy going up until that three-month marker. In fact, only eight per cent of women and 13 percent of men wish to meet their partner’s nearest and dearest in the first 12 weeks. However, should your relationship last longer, you may want to set an extra place at the Christmas table: 78 per cent of women and 70 percent of men want to be introduced to a partner’s family before the first year of dating is up.

4. Meet them at the airport

Holiday travel is its own special hell, especially when you have to find a park. But, if you really want to get on your partner’s nice list, you’ll pick them up at the airport or station. Just 10 per cent of Canadians are happy to make their own way  to or from the airport, while 60 per cent would expect nothing less than being met in the arrivals hall.

5. Don’t laugh at their tofu turkey

If your beloved wants tofu instead of turkey, or insists on gluten-free stuffing and non-dairy brandy butter, then it’s best to hide your smirks – or you may find yourself cooking for one this Christmas. More than half of Canadians (54 per cent of women and 58 per cent of men) demand that a partner respect -  or even share - their eating habits.

* For the curious, men from other countries in the study showed this much underwear approval: US – 59 per cent; the UK – 62 per cent; Ireland – 49 per cent; Australia – 57 per cent; New Zealand – 64 per cent.  

Press contact: Sophie Watson

EliteSingles Research Team