Strike a chord: new survey says music can help increase attraction

With UNESCO’s International Jazz Day this weekend, and with Record Store Day and Canadian Music Week also part of the April calendar, dating site EliteSingles thought this was the perfect month to to explore the link between music tastes and successful dating habits.

  • 97% of Canadians think listening to music with a date is truly romantic
  • 82% think that being knowledgeable about music is attractive
  • 74% of women, 59% of men say a prospective partner must like music
  • 70% of Canadians agree that going to a concert is an ideal first date idea
  • 26% of men, 12% of women would learn an instrument to impress a partner

82% of Canadian singles think that music knowledge makes you more attractive

Want a date idea for this weekend? It might be time to make a playlist. Of the 600 Canadian singles surveyed in EliteSingles latest study, 97% think listening to music with a date is as romantic as it gets.

What’s more, 82% of those surveyed said that they’d be more attracted to someone if that person were knowledgeable about music, and 67% said that any prospective partner has to show an interest in the musical side of life. Women were more firm on this point: 74% of women say music love is a must, compared with only 59% of men.

70% of Canadians believe that live concerts make great first dates

Typical dating wisdom says that live music is a no-no for a first date, as it makes it difficult to talk. Canadians are happy to ignore that advice however – 70% of those surveyed think that a live music venue is the ideal choice for a first date.

Multi-day music festivals are also a surprisingly charming choice of date venue – if you’re male that is! 71% of men think that dancing in muddy fields and sleeping in tents is extra romantic. However, just 58% of women agree.

Want to impress a date? Sing or pick up a guitar

The study also investigated opinion when it comes making music. Crooners will be pleased – 82% of those surveyed said they’d find it romantic if their partner sang to them. However, it might be an idea to sound out your partner first: the remaining 18% said it would end in sheer embarrassment.

Another way to tug (or strum) at someone’s heartstrings is to learn to play an instrument. 46% of Canadians say their attraction would increase if they learned their crush played a musical instrument. If you’re thinking of taking that route, make sure you pick up a guitar – 40% of those surveyed say guitarists are the most attractive musicians, followed by pianists on 25%, and saxophonists on 8%.

Finally, over a quarter of men (26%) said they’d willingly learn how to play an instrument in order to impress a potential partner. Far fewer women would be similarly inclined – just 12% would learn an instrument for love!

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