Modern romance: survey reveals what women really think about love

Less than 1% of women think chocolates are romantic

When it comes to modern romance, chocolate no longer cuts it. Or so premium online dating site EliteSingles has revealed in its latest insight into how people really feel about modern day relationships.

The good news? Romance isn’t dead. In fact 95% of the 2,000 men and women surveyed consider romance to be relevant. Furthermore, 90% of women and 92% of men say that they consider themselves to be romantic.

Yet the survey also revealed that the “traditional” romantic gestures just won’t cut it in 2017 – especially if you’re trying to impress a woman. Contrary to common preconceptions, women don’t want flowers or chocolates. In fact, less than 1% of women consider chocolate treats to be romantic, while only 9% are blown away by flowers.

So, what do women consider romantic in 2017? For more than two thirds of women surveyed, modern romance is a practical affair. 68% would pick a partner that shows a genuine and constant interest in their career and work life, rather than choosing a partner that surprises them with a bunch of flowers every week.

Zoe Coetzee, in-house relationship psychologist at EliteSingles, commented: “In today’s modern world, traditional romantic gestures no longer sweep a lady off her feet. Women are less impressed by clichés like flowers and chocolates. Not only do they buy their own, but they consider the most coveted commodity to be unique and personalized surprises. This reveals how well your partner knows you and spontaneity gets the heart racing. Making a memorable moment is the priceless present creating meaningful romance today”.

For the 18% of women and 27% of men who admit to feeling pressure to be romantic, Coetzee has also prepared some practical modern romance tips:

1. Get up early to start their day with a smile
The overload of communication in today’s world means many people wake up and reach straight for a mobile device, checking email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram before they even brush their teeth. Break through the noise and make sure you’re the first thing they think about by sending a meaningful early-morning message for your partner to wake up to. You’ll cut through the clutter and start their day with a smile.

2. Recreate beloved memories
Flowers and chocolates might be out, but candlelit dinners are still appreciated: nearly a third of women (31%) find them romantic. However, it always pays to personalize – try combining the romance of a dinner with your treasured memories as a couple. Remember that romantic trip you took to Marrakech three years ago? Recreate those memories by staying in and making a Moroccan meal together.

3. Think about meaningful moments rather than grand gestures
Don’t think about grand gestures, rather think about the individual gestures that will really mean something personal to your partner. One great idea is to frame a picture from the early days of your relationship, one that really shows how in love you are. Give this as a gift to your partner to have on their bedside table as a daily reminder of how you feel.

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