Hot pursuits: does your preferred hobby make you attractive?

A new study of 47,000 Canadian singles has shown that men want a action-loving, adventurous partner – while women would prefer to date someone with a little bit of culture.

  • When asked about the hobbies of their ideal partner, men’s and women’s top-five wish-lists were the same (albeit in a different order).
  • However, men’s ideal top ten also included vigorous activities like winter sports and hiking.
  • Women, meanwhile, preferred a more placid partner who likes reading, opera and theatre.

The study looked at the anonymous user data provided by 47,000 members of dating site EliteSingles. By comparing user opinions on the sex appeal of popular hobbies, the study was able to determine what pastimes Canadian singles deem attractive in a partner – and which they’d rather ignore.

The results showed that men and women are broadly similar when it comes to picking the top five sexiest activities: those showing a passion for travel, music, movies, fine dining or fitness can rest easy in the knowledge that their hobby is as attractive as it gets.

However, when it came time to pick a top ten list, men’s and women’s tastes diverged.

Contrary to certain ‘domestic goddess’ stereotypes, Canadian men indicated that they would prefer an action woman over one who stays home, ranking hobbies that espouse adrenaline and adventure over those that were more sedate. Winter sports (like skiing and snowboarding) made their top ten list, along with adventure sports and activities like hiking.

Women on the other hand were just the opposite – turning their noses up at the action based activities and instead opting for those hobbies which are more creative or cultured. To impress a Canadian woman one must be an avid reader, an opera lover and an all-round art enthusiast.

There was one other result from the study that may come as a surprise to many Canadians – hockey was not a popular option with either men or women. Indeed, team sports in general failed to make the cut, losing out on a top ten finish to hobbies such as gardening and photography.

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