Home is where the heartbreak is: More than HALF of Canadians would dump their date due to a bad living space

A new survey from dating site EliteSingles has revealed that Canadians seeking love could be hampered by their homes: 59% of the 700 singles surveyed would dump someone whose living space was sub-par (and 11% have already done so!).

The survey, carried out in honour of the fact that April is ‘Decorating Month,’ showed that a person’s home style can have the power to harm – or help – their romantic relationships. Indeed, with 94% of the singles surveyed thinking that one’s home reflects one’s personality, it’s hardly surprising that 59% would consider ending a budding relationship over bad living quarters – or that 64% think that it is possible to be initially attracted to someone simply because of their stylish home.

The biggest household horrors:   

So just what constitutes ‘bad living quarters’? Survey participants were asked for their biggest decorating ‘no-nos’ – revealing the top five missteps you must avoid when showing off your pad to a potential partner:

  1. A lingering smell (e.g. tobacco)
  2. Clothes lying around
  3. A lack of real furniture
  4. Video games and action figures on display
  5. Ugly, clashing décor

The biggest household heroes:

But it’s not all bad news for the decoratively challenged. Help is at hand as the survey also uncovered the top five household additions that Canadians think make someone seem more attractive:

  1. Thoughtfully planned décor
  2. Family pictures
  3. A pet
  4. A well-stocked bookshelf
  5. Artworks on the walls

Canadians don’t mess around:

Of course, you may not have time for a complete décor overhaul before a date but you can still win on the romance front by doing one small thing: having a quick tidy. 84% of Canadians would prefer to date someone too tidy rather than too messy –making them well suited to the 85% who always clean the house pre-date! 

So what’s the most important part of your house to spruce up? Surprisingly, it’s not the bedroom: just 5% of those surveyed would change the sheets before a date came round, making bed prep even less urgent than buying fresh flowers (considered a must-do by 7% of singles). Instead, singles on a tight schedule opt to start cleaning in the bathroom – 40% of singles always scrub the lavatory before a romantic night in.             

For more on this study, including tips on fixing any décor don'ts, please see our in-depth article              

Press contact: Sophie Watson

EliteSingles Research Team