EliteSingles Study Reveals a Date Night in Toronto is Canada’s Priciest

September 13, Toronto. The annual Cost of a Date study from premium dating site EliteSingles has been released for 2019. And this year, Toronto replaces Vancouver as Canada’s most expensive city for dating.

  • Toronto has taken Vancouver’s 2018 place as the priciest CA city for date night
  • The least expensive city is Quebec City – where a date night is $38 cheaper than Toronto
  • An average Canadian date night costs $127; global average is $113
  • Oslo, Norway is the world’s most expensive capital city for dating. Ottawa is #10

EliteSingles defined a date night as one including dinner for two, a bottle of wine, two movie tickets, and an 8-km taxi ride. The dating site then looked at the average costs of these items in 15 major Canadian cities and in 30 capital cities around the world.

In 2019, an average date night in Canada is $127. The most expensive date night in the country is in Toronto, where a romantic evening will set you back an average of $150. In Vancouver (which held the #1 spot in 2018), the same date is $149.

At the other end of the scale is Quebec City. A romantic night in Québec costs just $112 – $15 below average and $38 less than the same date in Toronto.

Cost of a Date in 15 Major Canadian Cities

  1. Toronto, ON: $150
  2. Vancouver, BC: $149
  3. Ottawa, ON: $138
  4. Victoria, BC: $133
  5. Edmonton, AB: $131
  6. Hamilton, ON: $130
  7. St Catharines, ON: $130
  8. London, ON: $125
  9. Calgary, AB: $123
  10. Kitchener, ON: $120
  11. Halifax, NS: $120
  12. Montreal, QC: $119
  13. Oshawa, ON: $116
  14. Winnipeg, MB: $116
  15. Quebec City, QC: $112

Figures are rounded: a date in Hamilton is $0.48 more than one in St Catharines, a Kitchener date night is $0.18 more than Halifax, and an Oshawa date night is $0.30 more than one in Winnipeg.

EliteSingles also looked at the cost of the same date (in CAD) in 30 capital cities around the world. An average global date night costs $113 – $14 less than the Canadian average, and a similar price to a date night in Quebec City.

A date night in Oslo, Norway is the world’s most expensive: at $211, it puts even Toronto’s costs into perspective. At $138, a date in Ottawa might sound pricey, but in fact it sits at #10 on the list of capitals. Oslo, London, Washington DC, Tokyo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dublin, Canberra, and Paris are all more expensive.

The cheapest capital city for dating is Ankara, Turkey. A date in the city costs just $48 – less than the price Canadians typically pay for dinner alone.

Cost of a Date (in CAD) in 30 Capital Cities

  1. Oslo, Norway: $211
  2. London, UK: $188
  3. Washington DC, USA: $179
  4. Tokyo, Japan: $178
  5. Stockholm, Sweden: $168
  6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: $167
  7. Dublin, Ireland: $165
  8. Canberra, Australia: $155
  9. Paris, France: $147
  10. Ottawa, Canada: $138
  11. Rome, Italy: $135
  12. Wellington, New Zealand: $127
  13. Berlin, Germany: $125
  14. Madrid, Spain: $111
  15. Singapore: $109
  16. Seoul, South Korea: $106
  17. Nairobi, Kenya: $97
  18. Taipei, Taiwan (ROC): $90
  19. Lima, Peru: $86
  20. Beijing, China (PRC): $85
  21. Moscow, Russia: $81
  22. Brasilia, Brazil: $78
  23. Cape Town, South Africa: $72*
  24. Bogotá, Colombia: $64
  25. Mexico City, Mexico: $58
  26. Cairo, Egypt: $54
  27. Manila, The Philippines: $54
  28. New Delhi, India: $50
  29. Hanoi, Vietnam: $49
  30. Ankara, Turkey: $48

* Cape Town is South Africa’s legislative capital.
​Figures are rounded: a date in Cairo is $0.52 more than one in Manila.

Costs and currency conversions based off data collected from Numbeo.com and XE Currency Converter, August 2019.

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