The ex-files: more than half of Canadian singles still desire their ex-partners

January is the month of fresh starts but are Canadians being too hasty when it comes to restarting their love lives? A new survey from reveals that a surprising amount of Canadian singles regret dumping their ex.
  • More than two-in-five singles sincerely regret dumping a past lover.
  • Over half of dumped singles still pine for an ex – and would go back to them if they asked!
  • The most common reason for Canadians to break up is a lack of love, followed by bad sex.
  • 70 per cent of singles hate the fact that people lie about their reasons for a breakup (but 60 per cent have done it themselves!).

Breaking up is hard to do

Making the decision to end a relationship is never easy - and, it seems this is definitely true for Canadians. An EliteSingles survey of 500 Canadian men and women has revealed that 42 per cent of singles - more than two-in-five people - wish that they had never dumped their ex partner.

However, those regretting a rash romantic decision shouldn’t lose hope - old flames can yet burn bright. Indeed, a whopping 58 per cent of Canadians still carry a torch for the person who ditched them and would restart the relationship if their ex asked nicely. And, if rekindled love isn’t on the menu, sex with an ex just might be – over a third of singles (37 per cent) have continued a physical relationship with someone even through their romantic relationship has ended.

Lost that loving feeling

So love and sex are the most common reasons to get back to together – but they are also the most acceptable reasons to break up in the first place.

65 per cent of those surveyed have ended things with a partner over love (or, more specifically, the lack thereof), making it the most common reason by far to get dumped. Second place goes to unsatisfying sex, with 30 per cent of singles admitting to jettisoning an otherwise solid partner solely because they were bad in bed. Other common reasons include falling for someone else (25 per cent) and hating a partner’s family (22 per cent).  

Not so sweet little lies

No matter what your reasons for ending it, chances are that your brand-new ex will want to know why – and you can forget the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech. It turns out that, actually, the majority of Canadians would prefer to hear the truth, even if it’s harsh. A huge 70 per cent think that it’s wrong to lie about one’s reasons for a break up (no matter how protective your intentions).

Strangely enough, despite this passion for the truth, 60 per cent of singles admit to having lied about their reasons for dumping an old partner; meaning that either Canadian singles are really good at learning from past mistakes – or that, when it comes to love, it’s tough to practice what you preach. 

Press contact: Sophie Watson

EliteSingles Research Team