10 reasons to love the fact that you’re single at Christmas

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Sometimes it can feel like the only people allowed to have fun during the holidays are those who are happily coupled-up. Turns out though, that being single at Christmas is actually pretty wonderful: from picking your favourite foods to making the most of the mistletoe you get to have an amazing day – on your terms.

Here are ten reasons to embrace the holidays and love the fact that you’re single at Christmas.

1. Being free to indulge your festive spirit/inner Grinch

Everyone views Christmas differently but, when you’re in a couple, you can feel pressure to celebrate in the way that your partner expects. Being single at Christmas avoids that: whether you prefer decking the halls or hiding at home with Chinese takeout, whatever you want goes.

2. Finding excuses to look ultra-glam

Singles often find themselves rolling in offers for holiday parties. Turns out they’re the perfect excuse to get all glamorous and thus feel fine outside and in. Also acceptable: using the cold weather as a reason to stay in. Fine feelings can come from switching glad-rags for cozy socks!

3. Making the most of the party season

If you decide to go the party route, you may be very glad of your single status. After all, the festive season makes people keen to mingle and being single means being able to take full advantages of any new excitements on offer – especially when there’s mistletoe involved!

4. Getting to pick the Christmas movies

There’s no harm in watching your favourite Christmas movies (again) – until you have to pick a movie with a partner. Leave the couples to their Bad Santa vs. White Christmas bickering – if you’re single, it’s just you, the duvet, and full reign over the remote. Bliss.

5. Having your Christmas jams on repeat

To you, nothing says ‘the holidays’ like belting out the Christmas classics at full volume. Being single at Christmas means the space to do just that, free of judgement from the less- festively inclined (so what if it’s your third consecutive rendition of Santa Baby? You’re crushing it!).


6. Choosing the holiday menu

Planning a couple’s menu means compromise. You want fresh, not canned, cranberry sauce – so they get mashed rather than roast potatoes and so on. However, when you’re single it’s all up to you. Leave off the gravy, hog the white meat, get first pick of the leftovers: being single at Christmas is pure self-indulgence.

7. Escaping pressure to be ‘the perfect couple’

Spare a thought for the couples this Christmas. The festive impetus to step things up is enormous, leading to Christmas Eve being the most common day of the year to pop the question. For couples not in that zone, the pressure to get there can be huge: far less stressful indeed to be single, as at least then you know what surprises your Christmas will hold.

8. Avoiding familial embarrassment

Another advantage that singles hold over couples is that those on the single side get to keep their embarrassing family under wraps. They don’t have to run the new relationship gauntlet of awkward baby photos, cringe-inducing stories, and mood killing rants from bitter Uncle Ron.

9. Dodging terrible in-laws

In fact, the only thing worse than putting up with your own bitter Uncle Ron is putting up with someone else’s bitter Uncle Ron. Being single during the holidays means avoiding in-law hell: the only ones who’ll get on your nerves are your own beloved family.

10. Knowing there’s no better time for a fresh start

There are many reasons to love the fact that you’re single at Christmas. Of course, should you wish to meet someone, there’s many reasons why that’s a great idea too. A big one is that you’ll be in extremely good company – the Christmas/New Year period is peak dating season on EliteSingles and what’s more, this year, there are more Canadians than ever using our services.

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