I want a baby! Where to find Canada’s most parentally inclined singles

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For many singles, desire for long-term love goes hand-in-hand with the desire for family. For some, that may mean creating a family unit of just two people. But, for others, it means having children. Neither option is any more valid than the other but, for relationship harmony, it’s best to be on the same page as your partner. And that’s where our latest study can help.

We’ve analyzed anonymous data from 84,000 single Canadians aged 18-45 to determine the cities in each province or territory where you can find the broodiest singles – along with with the most (and least!) broody cities in the country.

That means, whether you wish to live child-free, or whether you’re firmly in the ‘I want a baby’ camp, this study can help you plot your next moves and, perhaps, help you take the first step towards finding a partner whose goals match your own.

The cities where you’re most likely to hear ‘I want a baby’

The large-scale study looked at the anonymous data from 84,000 Canadians registered with EliteSingles, paying particular attention to a single question: do you want to have children. Participants could answer yes, no or maybe – and these individual answers were then averaged out geographically1, allowing the EliteSingles Research Team to determine the most parentally inclined cities in the country.

As it turns out, if you are thinking to yourself ‘’I want a baby,’’ then the best place to be in Canada is North Battleford in Saskatchewan. In this riverside city, baby fever is the strongest in the country, with 53% of singles saying that they want children – an extremely high result, considering that the national ‘yes’ average is 38.5%.

The singles of North Battleford are not alone in their baby excitement however and, hot on their heels, are the singles of Ajax in Ontario, where 52% say they want children. Rounding out the top three is another Ontario town; Collingwood, where 51% of singles want babies.

The broodiest cities in each province or territory

Of course, if you’ve already established yourself elsewhere in Canada, you may not want to move to North Battleford – even to start a family. Realizing this, the study also determined the broodiest city in each province or territory,2 allowing singles to find the most baby-crazy city in their part of the country:

Province/Territory % who want children Broodiest city % in city who want children
Alberta 35% Calgary 43%
British Columbia 40% Port Moody 48%
Manitoba 41% Winnipeg 41.5%
New Brunswick 35% Saint John 38%
Newfoundland & Labrador 33.5% Paradise 42%
Northwest Territories 42.5% Yellowknife 43%
Nova Scotia 37% Truro 45%
Ontario 39.5% Ajax 52%
Prince Edward Island 48% Charlottetown 48%
Quebec 38% Saguenay 47%
Saskatchewan 42% North Battleford 53%
Yukon 43% Whitehorse 43%

Men vs women: who has the bigger case of ‘baby-fever’?

When it comes to pop culture and baby-fever, it’s usually women whose biological clocks are portrayed as having the louder tick. However, the study proved that this is not necessarily true in Canada. Indeed, when it comes to saying ‘I want a baby,’ single women and single men are almost perfectly matched: on average, 38.4% of women and 38.6% of men definitely want kids.

What’s more, women are much more likely than men to not want children. On average, 21.5% of women are adamant that they don’t want children. For men, that figure is just 13.5%. Where men beat women is in the sitting-on-the-fence department: 48% of men are not sure whether or not they want to have kids, compared with 40% of women.

What about those who don’t want kids?

So, what should men and women who don’t want kids do (apart from avoiding dating in North Battleford?). One suggestion could be to head for Quesnel in British Columbia, where 30% of singles say they don’t want children, making it the least parentally inclined city in Canada (as is clear to see when that 30% is compared with the national average of 18%). Other options could be Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where 29% of singles don’t want children and Grimsby in Ontario, where 28% would say no to the idea of kids.

Finally, those who just aren’t sure if parenting is for them will find equally confused company in Leamington, Ontario, a town that earns the title of most indecisive place in the country (at least where children are concerned). Nationally, an average of 44% of singles say ‘maybe’ when asked if they want kids – in Leamington that number is 62%!

Whether you want to meet someone who can’t wait to start a family, or whether you are holding out for someone who wants a childfree lifestyle, you can meet singles on your wavelength with us. Why not get started by clicking here?

EliteSingles Editorial August 2016

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1 Anonymous study completed by EliteSingles researchers in July 2016, based on randomly selected data from 84,000 singles across Canada. Only cities that turned up 50 or more random reponses were included in the geographic averages. Please note, totals may not equal 100% due to rounding.

2 Nunavut is not included in this chart due to insufficient data.

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