8 Things You Should Expect From a Relationship

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Here are the 8 relationship expectations everyone should have for their future partner. Demanding the best for yourself is not something to be ashamed of, you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run!

If you have just started dating someone or have begun a serious relationship, it may be difficult to understand what is reasonable to expect from your partner. Sometimes if you expect different things, this may create conflict in your relationship. Nevertheless, there are some expectations that are not excessive and that, rather than create conflict, can help to build a happy and lasting relationship.

1. Affection

Asking for affection is completely normal when you are in a loving relationship. Some people prefer to be affectionate through words or small daily gestures, whilst others wish for more physical affection (hugging, kissing, holding hands in the street etc.). You need to be able to find a common ground with your partner so that your displays of affection are suitable for the both of you.

2. Compassion

When you are in a relationship, you often have a feeling that you are living as part of a team. You both encourage each other to achieve your goals, but on the flipside, you offer should offer your support in difficult times. Therefore, it is natural to expect from your partner to be compassionate when you are going through certain life problems. You should both be able to benefit from the support of each other. This does not mean that you necessarily have to share their pain, but to listen to them through hard times.

3. Respect

Respect between partners is essential for a relationship to work. Yet, the longer the relationship, the more you may need to make a conscious effort to be respectful. After many months or years of the relationship, when you know each other so well that you are not careful in the way that you talk to each other, it is possible that you hurt your partner’s feelings by speaking without thinking. In all communication with each other, even in arguments, it is important to remain respectful.

4. Consideration

All of our actions and decisions can affect our partners in one way or another. So, it is important to be attentive, considerate and take into account their relationship expectations. That doesn’t mean saying yes to everything they ask but to listen to them and show that their opinion matters to you.

5. Time

Every relationship is based on the time spent together, sharing moments and building a common history. If your partner has little time for you, ask yourself how much of your own time are you willing to give up to improve your relationship. There shouldn’t be an imbalance between partners in terms of time devoted to the relationship.

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6. Interest

Imagine a relationship where your partner isn’t interested in you, your activities, passions or even your opinions. I might sound impossible, but some people are in relationships for the sole purpose of not being alone, so they don’t show any particular interest in their partner. For a healthy relationship, it is necessary that you both are genuinely interested in one another.

7. Intimacy

To be intimate with your partner is not just having sex. It is to share parts of yourselves that you don’t share with people outside the relationship, such as memories. As these are usually things that we tend to keep to ourselves because they make us vulnerable, it is a privilege to be so close to someone that they tell you secrets that no one else knows.

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8. Generosity

Be generous and appreciate the help and support your partner gives you. This doesn’t mean only material or financial support, but moral and emotional support too. The key here is to give as much as you possibly can in order to expect the equivalent in return. A good relationship works on give and take and it has to work both ways for the relationship to thrive.

To have these eight expectations of your partner does not mean that your standards are too high. These qualities form the backbones to any healthy relationship, so keep this list in mind for when the time comes to discuss openly with your partner what your most important relationship expectations are.

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