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Older couple finsing happiness when dating after divorce
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Dating After Divorce? Meet Real, Authentic Singles Today

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There’s nothing scary or out of the ordinary about being dating after divorce, and the online dating world is here to help you get your love life back on track. EliteSingles is the place to do it – our site is home to mature, intelligent Canadians finding their path to like-minded matches and long-lasting love. Thousands of divorced singles have made a new start using our services; isn’t it about time you take back control and join them?

Divorced and Dating in Canada? You’re Not Alone

Feel like you’re the only one divorced and dating? Rest assured, finding love again is incredibly common. According to Statistics Canada, ”about 13% of Canadians aged 15 and over have experienced at least one divorce during their conjugal life, and nearly half of them have remarried.”1 In other words, in Canada, dating after divorce is anything but uncommon. And, with online dating’s increasing popularity there to help divorced singles make new connections with fellow single men and single women, establishing a new long-term relationship isn’t just possible, it’s actually incredibly likely.

How Can EliteSingles Help You with Divorced Dating?

EliteSingles is the very best choice for those searching out true romance; finding another chance for like-minded love couldn’t be easier with our intelligent matchmaking system. More and more singles each month are signing up with our site to get serious about their love life and our divorced singles are no different.

Once you complete our insightful personality test you can start meeting compatible members; we’ll send you 3-7 new matches per day. These are the people we think are best suited to you – based on your personality match, location, income and education – and therefore merit your consideration. Meeting these people first and foremost should give you the best chance possible of a long and happy future together, though you can browse through additional profiles using our ‘Have you met…’ feature too… This is dating after divorce made easy!

Who Uses EliteSingles?

The Canadian singles who make use of our services to find long-lasting love are intelligent, mature and – very often – divorced and ready to find love again. EliteSingles is proud to say that over 85% of our users hold an above-average education, and the average age of our users is mid-forties, with members typically ranging between 30-55 years old. With a wide diversity of careers, our members also tend to be single professionals, trying to find the same success in love as they have in their busy and successful careers.

One thing we’re certain of is that all EliteSingles users share one main thing in common: they’re seeking like-minded love that will last. We know this because we carry out daily profile checks to ensure each member is genuinely looking for love. If you’re dating after divorce and fit our average member profile, be sure to sign up immediately!

Register today and see who you can meet!

Dating After Divorce – Expert Tips for Divorced Singles

Dating after divorce comes with its own challenges. But there are also plenty of advantages too; you’re older, wiser, surer of what you want and need from a relationship – in theory at least! But there’s often some work to do before you can be ready to date again. EliteSingles spoke with integrative psychiatrist Hilda Burke on the subject, and her advice is simple: “Letting go of a marriage invariably involves forgiveness” she says, “many people who are going through a divorce may blame themselves for deciding to get married or even for having been in the relationship in the first place. This is fruitless.”2

Burke also strongly advocates forgiving your ex-partner too, to “nullify the debt you feel they owe you.” Not dealing with these issues first only ensures you’ll carry excess emotional baggage into your next serious relationship. But, most importantly, divorced singles just need to keep their chins up; there’s not much in the world more stressful than a divorce, but getting through to the other side will make you stronger in the long run. To be dating after divorce and looking forward to the future again is a really good goal to keep in mind.

If you’re ready for your next relationship then you can get a great start by joining EliteSingles. Ready to get going? Click here to register free.

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1 Pascale Beaupré, writing for Statistics Canada. ‘I do… Take two? Changes in intentions to remarry among divorced Canadians during the past 20 years.’ Found at: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/89-630-x/2008001/article/10659-eng.htm

2 From an original EliteSingles interview, conducted February 2016.

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